Slack Alert Source Integration

Slack Alert Source

Creating Incidents from Slack

Move over to the channel in which you want the incident to be created.

Invoke the Squadcast Bot by calling out @squadcast.

Once the bot is called in, you will be able to take some incident actions from Slack.

Using Slash Command in Slack

/create_incident <Incident Message Text>

You can call the /create_incident <Incident Message Text> command to create an incident from Slack.

This will them prompt a UI pop-up where you can fill in additional information like the Impacted Service,Incident Message and Incident Description.

The created incident will now show up on the Slack channel and on Squadcast

Using Message Actions in Slack

You can also choose to create an incident from an existing message on Slack.

Click on the More Actions icon for the chosen message.

Choose Create Incident from the dropdown shown and then you will get a UI pop-up to fill in other relevant information needed to enrich the incident information.

The incident has now been created successfully

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