Create incidents in Squadcast from Slack

Integrate with Slack

First, configure the Slack Extension for your Squadcast Organization. Once this is done, you will be able to create incidents directly from Slack and view them on Squadcast.

Create Incidents from Slack

In the Slack channel from which you want to create an incident in Squadcast, perform the following steps:

(1) Invoke the Squadcast Bot by calling out @squadcast

(2) Once the bot is added, you will be able to take actions with respect to incidents directly from Slack

Using Slash Command in Slack

The command that is used to create an incident from Slack is:

/create_incident <Incident Message Text>

This will then prompt a UI pop-up where you can fill in additional information such as:

  • Impacted Service
  • Incident Message
  • Incident Description

This newly created incident will now show up immediately in the Slack channel and in Squadcast as well. In Squadcast, you can navigate to either Incident Dashboard or Incident List to view the newly triggered incident.

Using Message Actions in Slack

You can also choose to create an incident from an existing message in the Slack channel.

(1) Click on the More Actions icon for the chosen message

(2) Choose the Create Incident option from the dropdown shown

(3) In the UI pop-up, fill in all the relevant information needed to create the incident

The incident has now been created successfully.

Creating Slack Channel for Incidents

To create a Slack Channel for an Incident,

(1) Navigate to the Incident Details page, and click on the + icon or + Add Link button

(2) Click on the Create Slack Channel option from the menu

(3) Type in the Channel Name for your Incident and click Save

This will generate a dedicated Slack Channel for your Incident.

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