Incident Watchers

Add watchers to your incident, allowing them to be notified about all the updates to that incident.

In Squadcast, any user/stakeholder can subscribe to an Incident and act as a Watcher for an incident.

Incident Watchers can choose to receive notifications for all the updates of an incident. This allows any user/stakeholder to act as an observer of the incident, even if they are not active responders. You can customize your watch options for the incident and receive notifications only for those updates.

This feature is available as part of the Product Trial and Pro, Premium, and Enterprise Plan.

Add Incident Watchers

You can add users/squads/team as Incident Watchers by @mentioning them in an incident note. Once done, they will start receiving notifications on all the updates. All the notifications will be sent out via email and push.

You can view the list of Incident Watchers for an incident by clicking on the eye-icon on the top, in the incident details page, under the Incident Watchers tab.


A user can add themselves as Incident Watcher by @mentioning themselves in the incident notes, in addition to using the watch toggle method.

Observe an Incident (Become an Incident Watcher)

To start observing an incident, follow one of the two ways:

A. Use the Watch toggle

  1. Navigate to the incident details page.

  2. Click on the eye-icon on the top left of the incident details page.

  3. Switch the Watch toggle, and expand the accordion to select between the watch options.

  4. You can select between the following watch options:

    1. Incident Lifecycle + Notes: To receive notifications on all states of an incident + every comment added in the note section.

    2. Incident Lifecycle: To receive notifications on all states of an incident i.e, when an incident is acknowledged, resolved, reassigned.

    3. All activity: To receive notifications on all states of an incident, comments added in notes section, actions on incidents - like adding tasks, attaching runbooks, adding communication channels, updating status page, starting postmortems, adding tags, adding affected SLOs.


By default, your watch preference would be Incident Lifecycle + Notes.

B. @mention yourself in the incident notes

You can start observing an incident by @mentioning yourself in the incident notes. Once you do, you will start receiving notifications on all the updates.

Remove Incident Watchers

Users can remove themselves by switching the Watch toggle under the eye-icon. You will be removed from the Incident Watchers list and stop receiving the notifications for the incident.

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