Service Overview

Use Service Overview to drill into relevant information and perform actions on services

The Service Overview is a searchable, high-level aggregate view of all Squadcast services in your team, and their corresponding owners. From the Service Overview, you can dive into each individual service to learn more about it, make changes to the settings, and take further action.

Navigate to the Service -> Service Overview.

The Service Overview provides the following information about services:


Alert Source

Alert Source Integrations configured with the service.


Extensions added to your service, like Slack Channel.

Owner & Escalation Policy

Mentions the owner and escalation policy attached to the service.

Note: You can also assign a Squad as the owner of a service.

Open Incidents

The current number of triggered and acknowledged incidents on the service.


Mentions MTTA metric of the service.


Mentions MTTR metric of the service.


Healthy: when the service has no open incidents.

Needs Attention: when the service has 1 or more open incidents.

Under Maintenance: when the service is under maintenance.

Recent Incidents

Mentions list view of the most recent incidents that came in for the service, click on View All for more.


Weekly stats on Automation Rules like Deduplication Rule, Suppression Rule, Routing Rule and Tagging Rule.

Alert Sources

Open Incidents of all the Integrated Alert Sources.

Maintenance Mode

Mentions the schedules for upcoming maintenance windows.

View Dependency

Used to view, edit and add Service Dependencies.


Used to add tags like Type, Environment and Functionality to add more context to your services.

With the Service Overview open, you can search for a service by name or description or tags. By default, the results are ordered by highest relevance to lowest.

Sort by

Refine your results by combining search queries, and sorting. You can sort by using the following:

  1. Service Name

  2. MTTA

  3. MTTR

  4. Status

Maintenance Windows

You can review and manage Maintenance Windows in the Search Overview, by viewing the Maintenance Window tab under each service. To learn more, read Maintenance Windows.

Update Service Tags

You can attach Tags to Services to make your service context-rich, and classifiable. Some examples are, severity:high, service: customer-support, so on.

To add tags to services:

  1. Navigate to Services -> Service Overview -> select or search for your desired service.

  2. On hovering over the service, click Add Tag(s).

  3. Enter the key and value pairs and click Add Tags(s).

Service Dependency

Service dependencies can be used to define other technical or business services that your service uses, or those that are used by your service. If an issue arises on your service for one of the dependencies you have configured, you can use the Service Dependencies tab to quickly assess the scope of the impact.

Defining dependencies between Services also helps Squadcast understand the relationship between your actual systems.

Add and Delete Service Dependency

To add service dependencies:

  1. Navigate to Services -> Service Overview -> select or search for your desired service.

  2. Expand the accordion -> View Dependency -> you are navigated to a list of dependent services

  3. Click Add Dependency -> enter the name of the dependent service

  4. Click Save

To delete a service dependency:

  1. Click the Cross next to the service name to delete the service dependency

  2. Click Save

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