Accessing Postmortem

Discover Postmortems that exist for incidents in your Team


  • Ensure that the users of the Team have the right Roles (with the right permissions associated with the Postmortem entity) to be able to create and manage Postmortems

  • Be sure to choose the Team from the team picker on the top to view/manage Postmortems created within that particular Team

Accessing Postmortems

We understand that the cycle of conducting Postmortems does not stop at just that. Once Postmortems are created and are being maintained for multiple incidents in your Team, having the ability to discover and access them easily would be equally important.

You can follow the steps below to access Postmortems:

1. Click on Postmortems in the primary navigation

2. Here, you will be able to see the list of all Postmortems that exist for the Team chosen

  • You can use the +Add Filter tab to add filters based on Alert Sources, Services, and Status. It will filter the Postmortem list according to the chosen Alert Source, Service, or Postmortem Status.

  • You can choose the time filter to view all Postmortems in the selected time period. By default, all the Postmortems within the last 3 months are displayed.

  • As we know, each of the listed Postmortem is associated with an incident. The Incident ID of the associated incident is listed above the Postmortem. Clicking on the Incident ID will navigate you to the Incident Details page of that incident.

  • The date of creation of the Postmortem is mentioned alongside the Incident ID.

  • The search bar on the top right can be used to search for particular Postmortems. You can search by any word that is contained within the Postmortem

3. To update/edit a Postmortem, click on the Edit icon, make the necessary changes and click on Update.

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