Google SSO

Enable Google Single Sign-On (SSO) for your Squadcast Organisation

This page describes how to add Squadcast to G Suite and configure SSO support with SAML 2.0.

Connecting Squadcast to G Suite

  1. Log in to your account with your G Suite account

  2. Select Apps on the main page

3. Select SAML apps

4. Create a new application by clicking the “+” button and then select SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP

5. Download Certificate, copy SSO URL and keep them safe and click NEXT

6. Enter the application name as Squadcast and optionally provide a description and upload the logo and click NEXT

7. Log in to and navigate to its Settings > Extensions. Click the Configure button under SSO and select the Google tab

8. Click Show configuration guide for Google and copy the ACS URL displayed

9. Go back to the Google custom app and in the Service Provider Details page and paste the copied ACS URL in both the ACS URL and Entity ID fields. Also select Name ID as Basic Information and Primary Email and Name ID Format as EMAIL and click Next

10. In the Attribute Mapping page, click the ADD NEW MAPPING button and add the following attributes and click Finish and OK in the next pop-up


first_name |  Basic Information  | First Name
last_name  |  Basic Information  | Last Name
email      |  Basic Information  | Primary Email

Optional - For overwriting the default configured role (choose 1)

role | Custom Attribute | Admin
role | Custom Attribute | User
role | Custom Attribute | Stakeholder

By default Squadcast lets you create a user via SSO with a configured default Role ( Admin / User / Stakeholder) in the SSO screen as shown below but it can be overwritten by sending an optional custom field role and its value along with the above attribute.


Members trying to log into Squadcast through SSO who aren't already added to the Squadcast platform will be added to the platform by default as Users.

11. Enable the Squadcast application for all users

12. Back in Squadcast, in the previously opened modal:

  • Paste the SSO URL we have obtained from Step 5 above in the SAML 2.0 Endpoint text box

  • Copy the certificate details in the X.509 Certificate field

  • Enter the domain name of your Organization

Make sure to add the Domain Name of your Organization, for SSO login to work

Configure other options like the default User role and click Save

13. You can allow Account Owners and Admins to also log in using their email credentials in addition to SSO. This can be done by checking the box as shown in the screenshot below

14. You can enable the toggle button on the top to Enable Google SSO for Squadcast and you are good to go your users will be able to use Google SSO to log in to Squadcast without needing a password

15. Your users can access SSO from the Google Board


  1. After enabling SSO (step 14), if you are facing any issues login using SSO, we advise you to do the following: on the webpage (depending on the browser that is being used), navigate to Inspect -> Application -> Storage -> click Clear site data

  2. After enabling SSO (step 14), if you see the error 403: no_saml_app on the browser, we advise you to do the following: on the webpage (depending on the browser that is being used), navigate to Inspect -> Application -> Storage -> click Clear site data

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