Steps to configure Conviva integration for incident management, using Squadcast.

Conviva is a streaming-video intelligence platform that provides metrics and analytics for better video optimization.

Route detailed alerts from Conviva to the right users in Squadcast.

How to integrate Conviva with Squadcast

In Squadcast: Adding Conviva as an Alert Source

  1. Navigate to Services -> Service Overview -> select or search for your Service. Expand the accordion -> In the Alert Sources section, click Add.

2. Select Conviva. Copy the displayed Webhook URL to configure it within Conviva. Finish by clicking Add Alert Source -> Done.


When an alert source turns Active, it’ll show up under Configured Alert Sources. You can either generate a test alert from the integration or wait for a real-time alert to be generated by the Alert Source. An Alert Source is active if there is a recorded incident via that Alert Source for the Service.

In Conviva: Create a Squadcast Webhook as a Notification Channel

(1) Log in to your Conviva web console, go to the Settings menu of your project and click on Notification Channels

(2) Click on the Alerts tab to display the existing list of Webhooks

(3) Click on the Add Webhook button. If no webhooks are configured, a message prompt will appear

(4) Click on the Add button to go to the Add Webhooks page so you can configure webhooks

(5) Enter a Webhook Name, an Email to notify users when an issue occurs with the Webhook notification, and the Webhook URL that was copied from the Squadcast Services page

(6) Next set the alert type(s) to include in the webhook payload and the relevant information to be included in the payload for each alert type that is configured.

In this screenshot, we have checked to include both AI Alerts and Manual Alerts.

(7) Test the Webhook and then click on the Add Webhook button to save the Webhook configuration

Now when an event is triggered in Conviva, an incident will be created automatically in Squadcast.


Today, Conviva does not support the auto-resolve functionality due to which, it is unavailable in Squadcast.

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