My On-Call Shifts

My On-Call Shifts allows users to view their shifts across all Escalation Policies and Schedules in a single, easy-to-use view
My On-Call Shifts displays whether a user is on call now, a list of their associated shifts, and what their upcoming schedule looks like. This is available as a widget on the Profile Page. You can view the on-call shifts of other users by navigating to their Profile Page.

My On-Call Shifts in the Profile Page

To access the My On-Call Shifts widget:
Navigate to the Profile Page from the top right corner of the screen -> My On-Call Shifts
The following information is displayed here:
  • Time: The time for which you are on-call
  • Name: The name of the Schedule you’re on-call for
  • Users: The users who are on-call along with you

On-Call Filtered Views

You can view the on-call shifts for today, this week, and any custom range you select.

View Another User’s On-Call Shifts

Go to Settings -> Users and select another User to visit their Profile Page. Select the On-Call Shifts tab.