You can leverage scheduled overrides to address holidays or schedule conflicts

Make one-time adjustments to existing on-call schedules and help on-call engineers with planned vacations, unexpected illnesses, or other events during their on-call shifts. This way, only the users in override schedules will get notified of incidents during the scheduled time period.

Create an Override

Configuring Overrides will assign all slots of the existing users to selected users. Overrides will appear as per the Schedule's timezone.

To create an override,

  1. Navigate to Schedules -> Click on any participant group from the schedule, click Override.

  2. Enter the duration for which you’re creating an override -> Select Reason from one of the prompts or type your own.

  3. Select the user your want to assign all your slots in this duration -> Click Save.


  • You can create an override by clicking on a rotation from the Schedules Overview page as well.

  • Override assigns all slots of a user to someone else.

  • You can create empty overrides to designate holidays on the schedule.


  1. In the case of a complete override, where the original on-call participant is overridden for the entire duration, only the override participant will receive on-call reminder notifications.

In the following example, only "PK" will receive on-call reminders.

  1. In the case of a partial override, on-call reminder notifications are sent to both the original on-call participant and the override participant.

In the following example, both "DT" and "PK" will receive the on-call reminders.

Edit an Override

To edit an override,

  1. Navigate to Schedules -> Expand the Schedule and click on the rotation for which you want to edit the override.

  2. Click Edit Override -> Edit the override details -> Click Save.

Remove an Override

To remove an override,

  1. Navigate to Schedules -> Expand the Schedule and click on the rotation for which you want to remove the override.

  2. Click Remove Override -> A confirmation modal will open -> Click Confirm.

Note: By removing this override, the previous participant of this rotation will be reassigned.

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