Create and Delete Teams

Creating a new Team or deleting an existing Team

This document will walk you through how you can create a new Team or delete an existing Team.

Create a Team

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Teams from the secondary navigation menu.

3. Click on the plus (+) button and enter the suitable Name for the new Team.

4. Click on Create

Delete a Team

Important: Please be aware that deleting a Team is irreversible.


  1. In organizations with Owner Based Access Control enabled, only Team Owners have the authority to delete a team.

  2. For organizations with Role-Based Access Control, users with the Manage Team role can delete the team.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Teams, and select the Team you want to delete.

In this example, we are deleting the Testing Team.

3. Click on Settings from the horizontal menu and enable the Delete Testing Team checkbox.

4. Click on the Delete Testing Team button.

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