Get alerts from Freshping into Squadcast

Freshping is a simple Uptime and Performance monitoring tool which keeps track of the performance and downtime of websites, APIs, web services, and web applications with real-time alerts.

Route detailed monitoring alerts from Freshping to the right users in Squadcast.

How to integrate Freshping with Squadcast

In Squadcast: Using Freshping as an Alert Source

  1. Navigate to Services -> Service Overview -> select or search for your Service. Expand the accordion -> In the Alert Sources section, click Add.

2. Select Freshping. Copy the displayed Webhook URL to configure it within Freshping. Finish by clicking Add Alert Source -> Done.


When an alert source turns Active, it’ll show up under Configured Alert Sources. You can either generate a test alert from the integration or wait for a real-time alert to be generated by the Alert Source. An Alert Source is active if there is a recorded incident via that Alert Source for the Service.

Create a Squadcast Webhook in Freshping

In Freshping: Create a Squadcast Webhook

(1) Login to your Freshping web console and navigate to Settings

(2) Then, select Integrations. Scroll down to the Webhook section and select + Create Integration

(3) Here:

(a) Give a meaningful under Webhook Name

(b) Select the applicable Event Type from the drop-down

(c) Choose for what Checks of yours should Squadcast's Webhook be triggered for

(d) Paste the previously copied Squadcast Webhook under Trigger the webhook

(e) Ensure the Requires Basic Authentication checkbox is unchecked

(f) Next, you can either choose Simple or Advanced options for the JSON Encoding. At the bare minimum, we expect the below information for the integration to work fine:

 "text": "{text}",
 "check_id": "{check_id}",
 "check_name": "{check_name}",
 "check_url": "{check_url}",
 "request_location": "{request_location}",
 "request_datetime": "{request_datetime}",
 "request_timeout": "{request_timeout}",
 "response_state": "{response_state}",
 "response_status_code": "{response_status_code}",
 "response_time": "{response_time}",
 "response_summary": "{response_summary}"

In addition to this, if you wish to send more data to Squadcast via this Webhook, ensure the data is valid JSON.

(g) Click on Save

(4) You can verify the creation of your Webhook for Squadcast on the Integrations page

NOTE: When you click on the Test button, Freshping sends out a test alert that would trigger a test incident in Squadcast.

That is it, you are good to go!

Now, whenever Freshping generates an alert, an incident will be triggered for it in Squadcast. Additionally, once the alert that triggered the incident is resolved in Freshping, the corresponding Squadcast incident would get resolved automatically.

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