Import Users

Import users into Squadcast using a .csv file

You can import multiple users to your Organization without having to add them manually, one-by-one.

Steps to Import Users

  1. Click on Settings in the sidebar

2. Click on Users from the secondary navigation menu

3. Click on Add Users on the top right corner

  • Now, simply import multiple users’ details into the fields using a .csv file

  • To import your .csv file, you can either drag and drop it on the page or click on the select a file from your computer on the top of the page


Your .csv file should be of the following format:

Todd,Chavez,[email protected],stakeholder
Diane,Nguyen,[email protected],user
Princess,Carolyn,[email protected],user


You can skip the user_type field if you wish to fill that field later, post the import. By default, the user_type chosen will be User.

Things to Remember

  1. If you have already filled some fields and then choose to merge the .csv file data with the existing rows, click on the Continue button in the modal for confirmation of the same. Once the import is successful, you will see all the user details populated in the list. Click on the Send Invites button, on the bottom left, to invite these newly added users to your Organization.

  2. The invited user will receive an email for verification. Until the user has been successfully verified, you will notice an icon indicating that Verification Is Pending against that User.

  3. You can choose to resend the verification email by clicking on the Verification Is Pending icon should that be necessary. Please ensure that you check not only your Inbox, but also Spam or Promotions folders to ensure the verification email ended up landing there.

  4. You cannot change or transfer the Account Ownership using this Add Users flow. This needs to be done after the users have been imported.

  5. If an invalid User Type is detected, Squadcast automatically assigns the User Type as User for that particular user.

  6. Ensure that there are no spaces before or after the data in any of the cells, especially for the Email addresses of the users.

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