Incident Notes

Share notes and collaborate with your team during incident resolution

Incident Notes enable you to add important notes for you and your team that can help mitigate an incident faster.

You can use this to:

  • Collaborate with your team and resolve the incident

  • Use it to store important pointers that will help with the mitigation

  • Use it to store Notes that can be populated in the Postmortem report

  • Share Team-wide information like resolution reasons, follow-up tasks, etc.


  • Only verified users would be receiving any kind of notifications from Squadcast

  • For receiving Push notifications, users should have the latest version of the Squadcast mobile app installed

To get started

First, select the Team from the team picker on the top.

(1) Click on either Dashboard or Incidents from the sidebar

(2) Open an incident to view the Incident Details

Mentioning Users, Squads and Teams in Notes.

  • Users can call out other users using the “@” symbol for important notes. This action will notify them of the mention via Push and Email. This will also add them as Incident Watchers for that incident. Such users, by default, will start receiving updates on state changes on an incident and comments in notes, via Email.

  • Users can also notify all the members of a particular squad or a team by “@” mentioning the squad or the team name.

  • Users who are currently on-call are indicated with a green dot against their name. In the above screenshot, you can see that Diane Nyugen is currently on-call

  • The mentioned Users, Squad or Team members will get notified instantly via Email and Push notification on the Squadcast mobile app. However, the author of the note will not get notified even when they are self-mentioned or belong to a mentioned Squad or Team

Adding Images

  • Incident Notes support Markdown text format. Hence, images can be added as URLs or links

Adding Images to a Note

You can use the below syntax to add an image:


Editing or Deleting a Note

  • One can Edit or Delete existing notes as well by clicking on the More icon corresponding to a particular note which would appear on hovering over the note

Starring and Un-starring Notes

  • Star important notes by clicking on the Star icon as shown in the screenshot above beside the More option

  • When you have a bulk of Notes and want to simply take a look at all the important, Starred Notes, you can do so by clicking on View Starred Notes

  • To un-star, click on the Star icon for that note

  • Starred notes would be captured in the Incident Activity Timeline. Clicking on the starred note activity in the Incident Activity Timeline will take you to that specific note in the Incident Notes section

Adding Attachments

You can add a variety of file types as an attachment in the Notes section for an incident.

To attach a file, drag and drop the file to the markdown editor. You can also copy-paste the file directly into the markdown editor.

The maximum size for a single file is 10 MB (for upload). You can upload a maximum of 5 files at a time.

The storage limit for an organization depends on the plan:

  • For Free plan - the limit is 50 MB

  • For Pro and Enterprise plans - the limit is unlimited

File uploads won’t work if the plan limit has been reached. The file once uploaded cannot be deleted.

The supported file types are:

  • Images (.png, .jpg, .jpeg)

  • Word Processors (.doc, .docx, .odt, pages)

  • Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, numbers)

  • PDFs (.pdf)

  • Presentations (.ppt, .pptx. .odp)

  • Miscellaneous (.log, .txt, .odv, .csv, key, json, log)

Jira Notes Sync

Sync your Jira notes seamlessly with your Squadcast account. This bidirectional sync ensures that any comment added to a Jira ticket will automatically appear in the Incident Notes section in Squadcast, and vice versa.

In Squadcast:

  • You can star a Jira note to mark it as important.

In Jira:

  • You can edit or delete Squadcast incident notes directly from Jira.


For all new users, this feature will be available upon configuring the extension. Existing users will need to update the Squadcast bot in Jira by following these steps:

  1. In Jira Cloud, navigate to the Apps dropdown present in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Manage Apps button.

  3. Search and click on the Squadcast bot from the Manage Apps page.

  4. Then select the Update option to update the bot.


(1) What actions can be taken by the different User Types?

  • Note Creation: Any user can add a note

  • Note Updation: Only the author of the note can update it

  • Note Deletion: Only the author of the note can delete it

  • Note Starring and Un-starring: Any user can star/un-star any note

(2) Can I add and star notes from the Squadcast mobile app?

Yes, users can add, edit, delete, star and unstar notes for an incident from the Squadcast mobile app.

To do so:

  • Login to your Organization on the Squadcast mobile app, choose your Team and open an incident

  • “@” mention a user and/or add notes

  • A long press on a note authored by you will give you an option to _star, un-star, edit and delete it. A long press on a note authored by others will give you an option to only star, un-star_ it

  • View only starred notes by switching to Starred Notes tab

(3) Can I notify stakeholders in the notes section?

Yes, you can “@” mention stakeholders to add them as Incident Watchers. So, they would be notified of the note via email and push and start receiving notifications about the ongoing incident via email.

Have any questions? Ask the community.

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