Terraform Provider

Configure your Squadcast account in a jiffy using our Terraform provider for everything from adding users, to creating escalation policies, services and more.

Squadcast provider supports Terraform Version 0.13+ To view our Terraform Documentation, click here.

Our latest Terraform provider release will help you configure your Squadcast account in minutes - You can manage multiple resources like Users, Permissions, Escalation Policies, Services, Automation Rules and more.


This is under active development and we’ll keep improving the functionality of the provider as we go.

You can find us in the Terraform Registry and go over to the Documentation section to check out how to start using this.

If you are already using Squadcast via API or the Web UI and would like to generate the Terraform files for your existing Squadcast configuration, you can use our Squadcast implementation of Terraformer to do the same.

For more details about using Terraformer, check here.

What you can do with this today?

  • Create and manage a service

  • Create and manage an escalation policy

  • Create a schedule

  • Create a runbook

  • Create a user

  • Create and manage team roles and their permissions

  • Create and manage members of a team

  • Create and manage team meta details like name, description, etc.

  • Create a squad

  • Create and manage SLOs

  • Create maintenance windows for services

  • Create routing rules

  • Create deduplication rules

  • Create tagging rules

  • Create suppression rules

Have any questions? Ask the community.

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