Learn how to effectively manage subscribers of your Status Pages to ensure they receive timely updates.

Subscribed customers and stakeholders will receive notifications regarding issues and upcoming maintenance on this status page. These updates can be delivered through emails or webhooks, depending on their preferred method of receiving notifications.

Your users can choose to subscribe to the entire status page, specific components, or timely maintenance activities.

Note: Kindly note that an email subscription is automatically enabled by default.

šŸ”¹ Best Practice Tip šŸ”¹ To ensure that updates are effectively sent to subscribers of your Status Page, we highly recommend completing the domain verification process. šŸ”¹ Best Practice Tip šŸ”¹ We recommend verifying if you have enabled your subscription settings according to your preferences. You have the option to set up a subscription for the entire page or choose specific components and maintenance updates to receive notifications for.

Subscriber Limit

There is a subscriber limit based on the pricing plans available:

Pricing PlanLimit


5000 per Status Page


10000 per Status Page

Subscriber Status

Email subscriptions can exist in two distinct states:

  • Verified

  • Not Verified

Note: You can find this status in the Subscriber List within the Subscriber section of each Status Page.

Subscriber Settings

To edit subscriber settings,

  1. Navigate to Status Page -> select or search for your desired status page.

  2. Click on the status page to navigate to the Status Page Details page.

  3. In the top right, click More -> Subscriber Settings.

  4. To enable subscriptions via email, check to Allow users to subscribe via Email

  5. Similarly, to enable subscribers via Webhooks, check to Allow users to subscribe via Webhook.

  6. You can also specify the subscription options available to users:

    • Entire Status Page

    • Individual Components

    • Maintenance Updates

  7. Once you have added your preferred settings, click Save.

Component Subscriptions

Component Subscriptions ensure that your subscribers receive updates exclusively on the topics that truly matter to them. Subscribers can pick and choose components they wish to receive notifications about and opting out of notifications for others.

Webhook Subscriptions

Subscriber users will receive a webhook notification when you create an incident, update an incident, resolve an incident or change a component status. All we need is their Webhook Endpoint URL and email address. Note: We'll send them an email if the endpoint fails.

The subscribe option is now available on your public Status Page, allowing your end users to subscribe and receive incident update notifications directly from the Status Page.

Export Subscribers

To export subscribers,

  1. Navigate to Status Page -> select or search for your desired status page.

  2. Click on the status page to navigate to the Status Page Details page.

  3. In the Subscribers Section, click Export.

  4. On clicking export, a CSV file will be sent to your email.

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