Additional Responders

Add more responders to ongoing incidents to receive additional assistance

With Additional Responders, you can add extra help beyond the original responders of the incident. So you easily add and notify users/squads as extra hands on deck and help with a coordinated response. Plus, users can now view who's involved in each incident, apart from the owners of the incident.

Note: This feature is available as part of the Product Trial, Premium, and Enterprise Plan.

Add Additional Responders to an Incident

You can request individual users/squads as responders, with a limit of 100 unique users/squads per addition. And these requested users/squads receive a notification via email and push.

To add responders to an incident,

  1. Navigate to the Incidents Details page of the specific incident -> Click on the Add Responders button.

  2. Search and select from multiple users/squads in the list. You can choose up to 100 entities to bulk add in one operation.

  3. Once selected, click Confirm.

You have now added more assistance to the incident, and these people will be notified of the same.

Remove Additional Responders

To remove Additional Responders from an incident,

  1. Navigate to the Incidents Details page of the specific incident -> In the Responders section, you'll see a remove responder icon next to each Additional Responder when you hover over it.

  2. Click on the remove icon, then confirm the deletion.

Note: Please note that removal can only be done individually and is not available as a bulk action.

Important: If a user is removed from the team or downgraded to a stakeholder role, they will be removed from the responder list.

Resend Notification

If users/squads miss responding to an incident, you can resend notifications (push and email) by using the "Resend Notification" button located next to each Additional Responder when hovering over it.

Note: You can view further details in the notification logs of the incident.

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