Trigger, Ack, Resolve, Re-assign, Snooze, Escalate - everything from Slack.

We understand that most of your work happens over Slack. You can use Slack to do a whole bunch of things on Squadcast. Here's a quick brief of all that is possible.

Slack Notifications for Incidents

Squadcast can notify any new incidents to your selected Slack channel and you can take actions on your Squadcast incidents from Slack as well.

Firstly, go to the Extensions page from the sidebar and under Slack tab click on Integrate button and follow the on-screen flow.

That's it! Now you will start receiving alerts on your Slack channel and you can Acknowledge or Resolve Incidents directly from Slack.



The email address used for both Squadcast and Slack must be the same for the integration to work

Also, whenever an action is taken on Squadcast like Acknowledge, Re-assign or Resolve, it will get posted on Slack as well, so everyone can remain updated about the status of the incident.

By default, the Slack channel that is chosen in the Global setting reflects for each Service in the organization. This would mean that all the alerts coming for every service in your organization will be routed to the default Slack channel, #incidents.

If you wish to route Service specific notifications to service specific channels, you can choose to do this form the Service Modal.

Adding a Different Slack Channel for Every Service

You can choose to route incidents specific to a Service to a separate channel. To do this,

  • Move over to the Services tab from the right side navigation bar
  • You will notice the current Slack channel that the Service is associated with.

  • Clicking on the current Slack channel will prompt a UI pop-up with the existing channels in your integrated Slack Organization.



Squadcast populated the existing Slack channels in your integrated Slack organization.
So, you will need to create the Slack Channels that you want associated with your service in your Slack organization before making the change here.



You can also Edit the Slack Channel from the More Options (three dots) icon for the respective Service.

  • Choose the Slack channel that you want associated with the service and click on Save to update. This Service will now reflect the new Slack Channel associated with it.

Now, the incident notifications that are triggered for this Service will go into its associated Slack channel.

Create Incidents from Slack

You can create or send incidents into Squadcast from within Slack.

To know more about how to create incidents from Slack, check out Create incidents from Slack in the Alert Source Integrations section in the Support Page.

Using Slash Command in Slack

Using Message Action in Slack

Bi-directional sync with your Incident War Room


Bi-Directional Slack Sync Is Temporarily Disabled

This feature has been temporarily disabled due to the sudden deprecation of a dependant third party service. We are working on bringing this back soon.

You can also bi-directionally sync warroom conversation with any Slack channel for the duration of the incident i.e., until the incident gets resolved.

To enable this, check out Incident War Room

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Trigger, Ack, Resolve, Re-assign, Snooze, Escalate - everything from Slack.

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