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Ack, Resolve, Re-assign, Snooze, Escalate - everything from Slack.

Slack Notifications

Squadcast can notify any new incidents to your selected Slack channel and you can take actions on your Squadcast incidents from Slack as well.

Firstly, go to the Integrations page from the sidebar and under Slack tab click on Integrate button and follow the on-screen flow.

That's it! Now you will start receiving alerts on your Slack channel and you can Acknowledge or Resolve Incidents directly from Slack.


The email address used for both Squadcast and Slack must be the same for the integration to work

Also, whenever an action is taken on Squadcast like Acknowledge, Re-assign or Resolve, it will get posted on Slack as well, so everyone can remain updated about the status of the incident.

Bi-directional sync with Warroom

You can also bi-directionally sync warroom conversation with any Slack channel for the duration of the incident i.e., until the incident gets resolved.

In order to do that, please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the incident for which you want to sync the warroom with Slack and click on the 3 dots on top of Warroom and click on the Select Slack channel button.
  1. Select the slack channel for syncing and click Save button.
  1. Go to the selected Slack channel and add the Squadcast bot by calling @Squadcast and invite the bot to the channel.

That's it! Your Slack integration for bi-directional sync is good to go. All your chats will be synced in both Slack and Warroom.


Ack, Resolve, Re-assign, Snooze, Escalate - everything from Slack.

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