Frequently Asked Questions

This document goes over all of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have encountered. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to drop us a line in the Intercom Widget below or write to our Support team.

1. What is Squadcast? How can it help me?

Squadcast is an incident management platform built on DevOps & SRE best practices to help you adopt the same to simplify incident management, get meaningful notifications, and enable faster incident resolution in collaboration.

You can learn how to use the platform to reduce your MTTA, MTTR and significantly reduce your unplanned downtime.

2. How can I enable SMS and Phone Calls for my Account?

In an effort to stop fraud and protect our user accounts, we have introduced a quick verification system to enable Phone Calls and SMS for your Squadcast Organization.

If you can see this banner at the top of your Squadcast screen, you will need to verify your Squadcast account to enable Phone and SMS notifications.

You can verify your account by reaching out to our Support Team and we will get in touch with you within 1 business day.

You can continue to evaluate the platform and all of the other features excluding Phone Calls and SMS until the verification process is through.

3. I need some help with set-up. Who can I reach out to?

You can reach out to us via the Intercom Chat Widget in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can drop a line to our Support Team and someone will get back to you.

4. How do I change my password?

  • Move over to My Profile from the Person icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on More icon and choose Change Password from the dropdown.
  • Fill in the fields and your password will be changed.

5. I have forgotten my password. How to reset my password?

  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Enter in the email address associated with your Squadcast account
  • You'll now receive a Reset Password Link to the email address entered. You can enter in your new password and log in again.

6. Do I still get billed when I deactivate my organization?

No, you do not get billed for when you have deactivated your account. However, if you deactivate your account on a mid-billing period, then you will get billed on a Pro-rata basis for just the active days.

7. How many SMSs and Calls do I get for free in the Free Plan?

First 200 SMS Free; Post this, $0.1 per SMS
First 200 Calls Free; Post this, $0.2 per Call



This is calculated from the time of your subscription activation and not on a monthly basis.

8. Why is the card details needed on the file for the free plan?

At the end of the month, if you have crossed the SMS and Call limits, an invoice will be generated and the Account Owner of your Squadcast account will receive this invoice.

If you don't have a card on the file and have missed an invoice payment, then your account will be deactivated and you will not be able to access the features on the platform without clearing the invoice value.

You will still be able to see the Billing tab from the navigation sidebar to add your card and clear the payment.

You can simply add your card to the file at the start to avoid missing the invoice and deactivation of account as we understand that using the platform is crucial for your business.


Note for Free Plan:

You will not be charged until you cross the Free SMS and Call limits.

9. How do I access the billing portal?

  • Click here.

  • Login with your Squadcast registered email (of the Account owner), reset password for the account and then use those credentials to login.

10. How can I access my invoices?

You can view your invoices once you log into the billing portal here.

You can login using the email address used in your Squadcast account.



Only Account Owners can access the portal.

If this is your first time, you can reset password and log into the portal.

11. How can I update my credit card information?

You can update your card details after you log into the billing portal here.

12. I accidentally deleted my account? How can I undo this?

Reach out to our Support Team within 7 days from the date of deletion and we'll help you sort this out.

13. I need a new integration that I don't see supported on Squadcast.

You can reach out to us via the Intercom Chat Widget in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can drop a line to our Support Team and someone will get back to you.

14. Is 2-Factor-Authentication available?

We don't support 2FA as of now. This is already a part of our Product Roadmap and we will be introducing this soon.

However, right now, we support SAML 2.0 based SSOs.

15. How can I upgrade my account?

  • Move over to the Billing tab from the navigation sidebar.
  • Upgrade to a plan of your choice.


Access Control:

Only an Account Owner has the access to make changes to the subscription.

16. How long is the data retained on the system?

Plan Name

Data Retention Period

Essential Plan (Free)

6 Months

Pro Plan

1 Year

Enterprise Plan


17. How can I log an issue ticket?

There are multiple ways to reach us incase of issues you face.

  1. Intercom Chat Widget in the bottom right corner of your screen
  2. Write to our Support Team
  3. Submit a ticket

18. What support do we provide for users on the free plan?

You can access our self-service Support Portal. If however, you can't find the relevant support article or your issue is not resolved even after following the steps of an existing one, reach out to us via the Intercom Chat Widget in the bottom right corner of your screen or
Write to our Support Team and we'll get back to you.

19. Do we provide live call routing?

We do not provide Live Call Routing yet. However, this is a part of our Product Roadmap and we will be introducing this soon. If you want to get updated on this, write to our Support Team and we'll be sure to drop you an email when we release this feature.

20. How can I write blog articles for you?

Squadcast offers a Technical Writer Program and we'd love to get you on-board! You can fill out this form and we'll get in touch with you for the next steps.

21. How can I make someone else the owner of this account?

  • Move over to the Users tab from the navigation sidebar
  • Change your User Role from Account Owner to Admin or any of the other roles. You can then change the User Role of the intended person to Account Owner and then hit Save.


Changing Account Owner:

Only an existing Account Owner will be able to transfer his Account Owner status to someone else in the Organization

22. Can I copy my notification rules to other users?

No, Notification Rules are a user-specific setting, the access for which is limited to each individual. Even if you are an Account Owner or an Admin, you will still not be able to do this.

23. Can I export alerts?

You can't do this on the platform today. However, it in on our Product Roadmap and we will be introducing it in the near future.

24. My Public StatusPage is getting redirected to your website

If your Public StatusPage is being redirected to our website even after making it public, just clear your cache and try again.

Should this also not work, do reach out to us and we'll help you out!

25. How can I find out how many users are active on my account?

You can see the list of active users on the Users tab from the navigation sidebar.

26. Are there any character limitations for the Password?

There are no character limitations and you should be able to use any regular and special characters.

27. What email addresses are accepted?

  • We allow any and all valid emails.
  • We do not allow temporary or junk emails.

28. What numbers will the SMS and Phone Calls from Squadcast come from?

Phone Calls:


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