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Manage Schedules

Rotations for your customer support engineers or on-call teams

Schedules allow you to create time-based rotations to create on-call schedules. Only Admins and Account Owners can set up schedules with daily, weekly, and custom rotations.

You can create a schedule under Schedules → Add Schedule.

Schedule Name: Give the schedule a name which you can use when adding the on-call schedule in your team’s routing rules and provide a schedule description.

Timezone: Select the appropriate time zone for running this schedule's timing and click "Save & Next" button.

Then proceed to select the users for that layer of the schedule. All users in one layer will be treated equally in terms of the rotation. Then select how frequently the shift rotates, and at what time the shift is handed off to the next user.

If you want specific users to rotate differently, you will have to add another layer.

You can also restrict the schedules to specific times of the day or during specific days of the week by clicking on the checkbox labeled "Restrict on-call schedules to specific times".

You can add any number of restrictions and the users will be notified only during the set times.

Rotations can be daily, weekly, or custom.

Daily rotation can be selected if participants rotate every 24 hours starting from the specified starting date and time.

Select weekly rotation to rotate participants every week starting from the specified date and time.

You can select custom rotation mode to create a more custom rotation based on your needs.

After all the details are set click on Save.

Pro Tip

You can also use this schedule as a component in your Escalation Policies.

Updated 6 months ago

Manage Schedules

Rotations for your customer support engineers or on-call teams

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