On-Call Reminder Rules

On-Call Reminder Rules define how and when you are notified about the upcoming On-Call Shift

On-Call Reminder Rules determine how an individual user is notified about the upcoming On-Call shift. One can set up rules to be notified on any of the following notification channels:

Edit On-Call Reminder Rules

(1) Click on the user icon in the upper right corner and select Profile

(2) You will be taken into the My Profile section where you can see the On-Call Reminder Rules below the Notification Rules on the right. Click on the Edit button to edit the rules

(3) Choose the medium from the drop-down, enter the amount of time before which you wish to be reminded and choose the unit of time from the drop-down

(4) You can also add new rules by clicking Add More Rules at the bottom

(5) Select Save after making changes to save the configuration

You’re good to go. Now, when you have an upcoming On-Call Shift, you will be notified based on your On-Call Reminder Rules preferences set in the On-Call Reminder Rules section.