Schedule Overrides

This feature allows you to create schedules which will override your normal schedules

Make one-time adjustments to existing on-call schedules and help on-call engineers with planned vacations, unplanned illnesses, or other events that happen during their on-call shifts. This way, only the users in override schedules will get notified of incidents during the scheduled time period.

Creating a Schedule Override

Ensure that the right Team is selected from the team picker present at the top.

(1) Click on Schedules in the primary navigation

(2) On the calendar, click on a date or drag over the date(s) on which you’d like to create the override shift

(3) Select the Schedule for which this override shift will be implemented from the dropdown

(4) Fill in the Override Shift details i.e. Start date, Start time, End date and End time

(5) Check the Is Override box

(6) Optional - Fill in the repetition configuration as per the requirement

(7) Add the User(s) who would take over the shift

(8) Click on Create to save this as an override shift. The Override shift would be displayed for the selected date(s)

Points to note about Scheduled Overrides

  • Creating an override shift is identical to normal shifts, except for the fact that they are marked as Override

  • If an override shift overlaps with one or more shifts in the same on-call schedule, only the assignees in the override shift are notified

  • If an override shift does not overlap with any other shift, it behaves like a normal shift. It will still be marked as an Override. If a new normal schedule is created during an existing override shift period, the override shift will continue to override the new schedule for the scheduled override period

  • If two or more override shifts overlap, assignees from all of the override shifts will be notified when an incident is triggered

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