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Using the Mobile App

This document briefly explains all that you can do on our native mobile application available for both iOS and Android.

Downloading the Mobile App

The mobile app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

Mobile App Walkthrough

You can use the mobile app to Acknowledge, Reassign, take Actions and Resolve from the Mobile App. The Mobile app will walk you into the incident dashboard where you will be able to view incidents from all states; Triggered (Open), Acknowledged (Investigating), Resolved and Suppressed.

You will also be able to view incident specific details like the Automated Incident Timeline and War room on the mobile app.

The screenshots below are from our Android app, and the iOS app is the same in functionality and very similar in design.

Incident Management Dashboard

After logging into your account, you can choose the Organization whose incidents you want to view.

Once chosen, this will then walk you into the incident dashboard for that Organization as seen below.

You can see all the incidents for that particular Organization or swipe left to the YOURS tab to see all the incidents, irrespective of their state that have been assigned to you.

You can swipe right to go back into the ALL tab to see the incidents for the Organization again.

Incidents Assigned to You

The ALL tab will be the default dashboard view. You can swipe left to access all the incidents assigned to on the YOURS tab.

Unique sound for Squadcast push notifications

All the Squadcast push notifications have a unique sound on both iOS and Android applications to differentiate from other push notifications.

This should ensure that you get alerted on incidents and it doesn't get lost in the noise of other push notifications

Filtering Incidents

You can use the Triggered, Acknowledged or Resolved buttons to filter incidents based on Incident states.

Handling an Incident

Clicking on the Incident from the dashboard will lead you to the Incident Details page. This page will hold all the details of the incident, same as shown on the web version.

You can Acknowledge, Reassign, Resolve or Take Actions from the incident details page.

Taking Actions From Anywhere

You can take actions from anywhere with the mobile app. You can run any and all actions you've configured on the web app to resolve an incident as quickly as possible.

Automated Incident Timeline

You can swipe left to access the Incident Timeline which holds the details of any and all incident activity along with the timestamp. You can click on any link on the timeline to see the status of action taken.

War Room

Swipe right from TIMNELINE to access the WARROOM.

Adding Users to the WARROOM: You can call in users with the @<input username> to contribute to an incident resolution.

Viewing Existing WARROOM Members: Click on the Users icon at the bottom left corner to view the list of existing members.

Removing Members From the WARROOM: Click on the Users icon at the bottom left corner to view the list of existing members. You can remove an existing member by clicking the Red (-) icon against the user's name.

Managing Your Account

Click on the Account tab from the side bar to view your account details. This will open the default/ configured settings for your account.

Add Your Name & Contact Number

You can click on Profile Details to update your name and contact details.


Your name & contact details can be seen by everyone in your organization who are on Squadcast from the People tab.

Notification Rules

You can configure how you want to receive incident notifications. We support Call, SMS, Email and Push notifications. You can also choose the order in which any of these notifications should come through.

You can add as many rules as you see fit.


If you Acknowledge / Reassign / Resolve an incident, the system understands that the pending notifications can be stopped. So, you will not receive any further notifications for the incident post this unless it has been reassigned to you again.

Users & Call Directory

You can click on the People tab from the sidebar to view all the users in your organization. You will be able to see their Contact Number, Email Address, Notification Rules and all the Squads and Escalation Policies they are a part of.

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Using the Mobile App

This document briefly explains all that you can do on our native mobile application available for both iOS and Android.

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