Uptime Robot

Get Alerts from Uptime Robot into Squadcast

Follow the steps below to configure a service so as to extract its related alert data from Uptime Robot and Squadcast will then process this information to create incidents for this service as per your preferences.

Using Uptime Robot as an Alert Source

On the Sidebar, click on Services.

You can either choose to use existing service or create a new service

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button.

Select Uptime Robot from Alert Source drop down and copy the Webhook URL shown.

Create Squadcast webhook in Uptime Robot dashboard

Go to your Uptime Robot dashboard and select My Settings and click on Add Alert Contact button in the Alert Contact tab.

In the New Alert Contact page, Add the contact information as below.



Alert Contact Type


Friendly Name


URL to Notify

URL from the previous step and append ? to the end

Enable Notifications for

Up & down events

For POST Value (JSON Format), please paste the below JSON and make sure the Send as JSON checkbox is ticked and click Create Alert Contact button.

    "monitorID": "*monitorID*",
    "monitorURL": "*monitorURL*",
    "monitorFriendlyName": "*monitorFriendlyName*",
    "alertType": "*alertType*",
    "alertTypeFriendlyName": "*alertTypeFriendlyName*",
    "alertDetails": "*alertDetails*",
    "alertDateTime": "*alertDateTime*",
    "alertDuration": "*alertDuration*"

Then click on the Edit icon on the newly created webhook contact.

In the Edit Alert Contact window, make sure the Send as JSON and Send default variables as POST parameters check boxes are ticked and the Send default variables as a query string checkbox is unchecked and click Save changes

Then you can add the Alert contact to any monitor and whenever an alert is fired, an incident will get triggered in Squadcast. This integration comes with an Auto-Resolve feature, meaning, when the alert get resolved in Uptime Robot, it gets resolved in Squadcast as well.

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Uptime Robot

Get Alerts from Uptime Robot into Squadcast

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