Sysdig Monitor

Send alerts to Squadcast from Sysdig Monitor

This document will help you integrate Sysdig Monitor with Squadcast.

Sysdig Monitor is a monitoring tool you need to gain visibility into the infrastructure, applications, and services that drive your business. Get results quickly with out of the box Kubernetes infrastructure visualizations, cloud integrations, dashboards, and alerts.

Route detailed events from Sysdig Monitor to the right users in Squadcast.

How to integrate Sysdig Monitor with Squadcast

In Squadcast: Using Sysdig Monitor as an Alert Source

(1) On the Sidebar, click on Services

(2) Select an existing Service or Add Service

(3) Click the corresponding Alert Sources

(4) Search for Sysdig Monitor from the Alert Source dropdown menu and copy the Webhook

In Sysdig Monitor: Add a Notification Channel for Squadcast

(1) Click on your username on the bottom left corner and select Settings

(2) Select Notification Channels from the sidebar

(3) Select Add Notification Channel and select Webhook

(4) To create a Squadcast Webhook Notification Channel:

  • URL: Paste the previously copied Webhook URL from Squadcast

  • Channel Name: Give the Channel a meaningful Name

  • Enabled: Toggle on

  • Notify when Resolved: Toggle on

  • Notify when Acknowledged: Toggle off

  • Test notification: Toggle on

  • Click Save to save the Squadcast Webhook Notification Channel

(5) Verify that the Webhook that you added is visible in Notification Channels and is Enabled

That is it, you are now good to go!

Now whenever an alert is triggered in Sysdig Monitor, an incident will be created for it in Squadcast. Once the alert(s) that triggered the incident(s) are resolved in Sysdig Monitor, the corresponding Squadcast incidents would get resolved automatically.