Schedule Overrides

This feature allows you to create schedules which will override your normal schedules

Using scheduled overrides, you can override existing schedules with the new ones. This way, only the users in override schedules will get notified on incidents for the scheduled time period.

Some points about scheduled overrides

  1. Creating an override shift is identical to normal shifts, except the fact that they are marked as Override.
  2. If an override shift overlaps with one or more shifts in the same on-call schedule, only the assignees in the override shift are notified.
  3. If it does not overlap with any other shift, it behaves like a normal shift. It will still be marked as an Override. If a new normal schedule is created during an existing override shift period, the override shift will continue to override the new schedule for the scheduled override period.
  4. If two or more override shifts overlap, assignees from all of the override shifts will be notified when an incident is triggered.

Creating a Scheduled Override

  1. Move over to the Schedules section from the left side navigation panel.
  1. On the Calendar, click and drag over the date(s) on which you'd like to create the override shift.
  1. Select the Schedule for which this override shift will be implemented. Fill in the Override Shift details.

  2. Check the Is Override box.

  3. Fill in the repetition configuration as per requirement.

  4. Click on Create to save this as an override shift.

Convert a Normal Shift to an Override Shift

  1. On the calendar, click on the existing shift that you would like to convert into an Override Shift.
  1. Click on Edit button
  1. Make the necessary changes to the shift timing details
  2. Check the Is Override box.
  3. Move over to Repeats.
  4. Click on Update to Save



  1. This Event only: If this is a one-time only override shift
  2. This and proceeding events: If this override applies for all the upcoming days. (This will make changes in the upcoming days only)
  3. All events in this series: If this needs to be reflected throughout the entire schedule, on all the scheduled days (This will make changes in both the past and upcoming days)

This will now convert the existing normal shift to an Override Shift.


For demonstrating this feature, we're going through an example in the section below.

In this example, we go through the process of creating 2 normal shifts with two different users. We then convert one normal shift into an override shift.

  1. Create a new Schedule
  1. We're using the shift timing 2PM - 5PM in this example and create this schedule.

  2. Leave the Is Override and Repeats box unchecked.

  3. Add a user to the Rotation. In this case, we've added Tony Stark.
    Then, click Create.

Now, you can see there is a shift created from 2PM - 5PM in all 4 different views.

I. Monthly

II. Weekly

III. Daily

IV. Agenda

  1. Similarly, we've created another Normal Shift from 3PM - 4PM with Bruce Banner in the rotation.

Agenda View

We see that from 3PM - 4PM, both Tony Stark & Bruce Banner are on-call.

So, when an incident hits during that time period, both Tony and Bruce would get notified.

Let's assume that we require Bruce Banner to get notified instead of Tony Stark during the 3PM - 4PM window.

To make that happen, we just need to mark the 2nd shift, the one with Bruce Banner as an Override Shift.

  1. Click on the shift that has just Bruce Banner in the rotation.
  1. Click on the Edit button.
  1. Check the Is Override box.

  2. Click Update.

In this example, we require this to be a one-time only override, and are selecting This event only.

Now, if we again see all the views, we'll observe the following:

I. Monthly

II. Weekly

III. Daily*

IV. Agenda*

So, now after the override is enabled, we see that only Bruce Banner is on-call from 3PM - 4PM. In this example, for any incident that comes in during the 3PM - 4PM window, Bruce Banner will get notified.

This feature is primarily useful in cases where a member of the on-call team is on a short vacation or has some unplanned interruptions and will require the notifications during that period to be sent to someone else on the team.

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Schedule Overrides

This feature allows you to create schedules which will override your normal schedules

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