SAML 2.0 Based SSO

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization with any SAML 2.0 based SSO

Squadcast supports any SAML 2.0 based Single Sign On (SSO) and you can set it for your organisation by following this integration guide.


Points to Note:

  1. Only an Administrator / Account owner can enable and configure SSO for an organisation in Squadcast.
  2. Once SSO is enabled, by default, the email-based login will be disabled for all user roles in Squadcast for that specific organization.

The Account owner or Admin has the option to enable this just for themselves if needed.


Note for Mobile App Users:

Today, SSO does not work with our mobile applications.

Setup Instructions

  1. Go to the Integrations tab from your Squadcast account sidebar and click on Integrate under SSO card
  1. In the pop-up GUI, select the Custom SAML 2.0 tab and click Show configuration guide for Custom SAML 2.0

Now, copy the ACS URL and paste it in your SSO provider system

  1. From your SSO dashboard, copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint and X.509 Certificate and paste it in the relevant fields



For members trying to log into Squadcast through SSO who aren't already added to the Squadcast platform, will be added to the platform by default as Users.

  1. You can turn On / Off SSO by toggling the button at the top. Configure other options like the default User role and click Save.
  1. The Attribute Mapping should cover the below requirements:

first_name |  Basic Information  | First Name
last_name  |  Basic Information  | Last Name
email      |  Basic Information  | Primary Email

Optional - For overwriting the default configured role (choose 1)

role | Custom Attribute | Admin
role | Custom Attribute | User
role | Custom Attribute | Stakeholder

By default Squadcast lets you create a user via SSO with a configured default Role ( Admin / User / Stakeholder) in the SSO screen but it can be overwritten by sending an optional custom field role and it's value along with the above attributes.



If you have enabled SSO for a Squadcast organization, you will not be able to access that organization unless you login through SSO.

Your SSO Integration is good to go and anyone in your organisation can now use SSO to login into Squadcast.

The following SAML 2.0 based SSO logins were officially tested and found to be working either by our team or the SSO providers but it should work with all SAML 2.0 based SSO providers.

This is the officially tested list but any SAML 2.0 based SSO should work with Squadcast.

Updated 2 months ago

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SAML 2.0 Based SSO

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization with any SAML 2.0 based SSO

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