Postmortem Templates

Postmortem Templates for the Postmortems that you conduct for incidents

Postmortem Templates

Each Organization has a few predefined Postmortem Templates availabe from Squadcast by default. You can choose to create new templates or modify the existing ones, based on how you do postmortems within your Organization.


  • Only the Account Owner or Users with the Manage Postmortem Templates permission will have the access to modify Postmortem Templates and/or create new Postmortemm Templates for the Organization

Managing Postmortem Templates

You can follow the steps below to create a new Template or modify an existing Template:

(1) Click on Settings in the primary navigation and then select Postmortem from the secondary navigation

Here you’ll find the list of pre-defined templates.

You can either make use of the existing templates or add new templates for the rest of your Organization to use.

(2) There is a set of incident-variables, which can be used while creating Postmortem Templates. These incident-variables will dynamically get populated with the incident’s data for which the Postmortem is being created. You can see all the available incident-variables on the right-half while creating templates. The variables need to be specified using MustacheJS syntax

Refer to any of the pre-defined templates for the templating syntax.

(3) A template can be marked Default. While filling a Postmortem report for an incident, the default template would pop up automatically when a user Starts a Postmortem for it

Click on Add to save the new template or Update to save the changes in an existing template

How-to-video: Creating a Postmortem Template


Q: Can Stakeholders create Postmortem Templates?

A: No, Stakeholders cannot create Postmortem Templates.

Q: Are Postmortem Templates limited to a particular Team?

A: No, Postmortem Templates are an Organization-wide entity. Any Team in the Organization can make use of the Postmortem Templates added.

Q: I am in a Team and the Team has all the necessary Roles (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for Postmortems, yet I am unable to add a Postmortem Template that my Team could use. What am I missing?

A: The Roles associated with a Team for Postmortems are different from the Permission required to create a Postmortem Template. The Permission required to create/modify a Postmortem Template is an Organization-level Permission. Head over to Settings -> Postmortem -> and ensure that you have been given the same (the checkbox must be enabled for Manage Postmortem Templates Permission).