Create Incident Manually

Tigger incidents manually

Incidents can be triggered manually either from the Incident Dashboard or the Incident page.

First, select the Team from the team picker on the top.

Triggering Incidents in the Incident Dashboard

Click on + right next to the Actions dropdown tab

Triggering Incidents in the Incidents page

(1) Click on Create an Incident

(2) Add details in the relevant fields:

  • Incident Title - This would be the title/message of the incident being created
  • Incident Description - This would be the description of the Incident being created. This is an optional field
  • Service - Select the relevant Service to which this incident would be mapped
  • Assigned To - Upon choosing the Service, the default Escalation Policy associated with the Service would be auto-filled. You can choose to manually update the Assigned To field to a different Escalation Policy or a specific User or Squad in your Team
  • Tags

  • By default, you will have the option to add Tags to an incident (either while creating the incident or after the incident is created)
  • You can do so by assigning the tag name (key) and tag value in the text fields provided and you can also change the tag color by clicking on the colour of your choice
  • You can also add multiple tags by clicking on the + option
  • Adding a Tag is optional

(3) Click on Create new incident to trigger the incident