Maintenance Mode

Create Maintenance Mode windows for Services

Maintenance Mode enables you to reduce alert noise during the scheduled maintenance window. Alerts generated during maintenance windows would be automatically suppressed hence, no notifications are generated for these suppressed alerts. One can quickly list incidents that are in the suppressed state by simply filtering them in the Incident List page.

Setting up a Maintenance Mode window for a Service

(1) Click on Services on the sidebar

(2) Click on “more options” for the Service of your choice and select Maintenance Mode from the drop-down

(3) Toggle the button on to enable Maintenance Mode window

(4) Enter the Date and Time range during which maintenance would be carried out. Maintenance windows can also be scheduled i.e. you can also choose to repeat it every day, every 7 days or 30 days. Save the set configuration

That’s it! The maintenance window has now been created for the Service


(1) Where can I see the suppressed incidents?

Suppressed incidents can be viewed on the Incident Dashboard by clicking on the Suppressed tab as shown below:

On the Incident List page, suppressed incidents can be viewed under the Suppressed state as shown below:

(2) How do I know if an incident is suppressed due to scheduled maintenance and not due to any other Suppression Rule?

In the Incident’s Activity Timeline the reason for suppression is displayed, in this case it will be auto suppressed due to scheduled maintenance.

(3) Is Maintenance window global to the selected Service?

Yes, it is global to a Service.

(4) Can I change the state of a suppressed incident?

No, suppressed would be the final state of an incident. It cannot be changed.