Send in your monitoring notifications from Hetrixtools into Squadcast

Follow the steps below to configure Hetrixtools to send in alerts into Squadcast.

Squadcast will then process this information to create incidents for this service according to your preferences.

Using Hetrixtools as an Alert Source

Click on the Services tab on the sidebar.

You can either choose to use an existing service or create a new service.

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button for the service.

Select Hetrixtools from Alert Sources drop-down and copy the Webhook URL.

Create a Squadcast Webhook in Hetrixtools Dashboard

  1. Log in to your Hetrixtools dashboard, then navigate to the top-right corner of the screen where the drop-down exists and click on it.

  2. Select the Contact Lists option in the drop-down.

  1. Then click on the Add New Contact List button in the Contact Lists page.
  1. After that, click on Webhook in the new Add Contact List window and enter the Webhook URL that was copied from the Squadcast Services page to notify users when an issue occurs with the Webhook notification.
  1. Click on Send test notification to send a test notification to the webhook URL to confirm if the integration works properly, and then click on Add to save the integration.

Now whenever a monitoring alert notification is triggered in Hetrixtools, an incident will automatically be created in Squadcast.



The Auto-resolution of incidents in Squadcast is only supported for Uptime Monitor, and not for the Blacklist Monitor and the Server Monitor Resource Usage at this time.

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Send in your monitoring notifications from Hetrixtools into Squadcast

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