Google Hangouts

View triggered incidents on Google Hangouts

You can use this guide to integrate with Hangouts Chat.

  • Click on Extensions from the navigation sidebar.

  • Click on the Integrate button under Google Hangouts.

  • Copy the Integration Key shown.

  • Move over to your Hangouts Chat account and select the room in which you want to install the bot.

  • Type Squadcast, add the Squadcast BOT from the options.

  • In order to integrate this chat room with your Squadcast organization, send the Squadcast BOT a message in the following format.

@Squadcast connect <your integration key>

Add the copied integration key in the <your integration key> space.

That’s it! Your Hangouts integration is now good to go.

Here’s how the Incident Details are shown in Hangouts.

You can click on View On Squadcast to take you straight to the Incident Details Page of that incident.