Send alerts to Squadcast from Grafana

Follow the steps below to configure a service so as to extract its related alert data from Grafana.

Squadcast will then process this information to create incidents for this service as per your preferences.

Using Grafana as an Alert Source

On the Sidebar, click on Services.

You can either choose to use existing service or create a new service

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button.

Select Grafana from Alert Source drop down and copy the Webhook URL shown.

Create Squadcast Webhook in Grafana dashboard

Login to your Grafana dashboard, Click on the Alerting (Bell) icon and select Notification channels.

Click on Add Channel or New Channel and enter the Notification channel name as Squadcast, Type as Webhook, and enable Send on all alerts checkbox as below.

Enter the webhook url we have got from the Squadcast service under URL in Webhook settings and select the Http Method as POST and click Save.

If you'd like to include images to your incident, check the Include Image box and you should see it as a part of your incident description in Squadcast.

If you would like to enable Auto-Resolve in Squadcast, then make sure the Disable Resolve Message is unchecked.


Sending Grafana Images into Squadcast

  • The Image URL must be public or accessible from your computer for it to be visible on Squadcast.

  • Even if the Image is not accessible, the Image URL will be provided in the Incident Description.


Helpful Grafana Links

Setup Alerts in Grafana

To setup alerts for a Panel, go to your Grafana dashboard, under options choose Edit.

Then under Alerts, click Create Alert button.

In the Alert Config, under Notifications, Add Squadcast webhook as the Send to field and enter a Message for the alert and save it.

Now, whenever an alert is triggered in Grafana for that particular panel, an incident will be created in Squadcast. When it is resolved in Grafana, it will automatically get Resolved in Squadcast, provided the Disable Resolve Message checkbox is unchecked.

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Send alerts to Squadcast from Grafana

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