Create & Manage Escalation Policies

Define rules indicating when and how alerts will escalate to various Users, Squads and (or) Schedules within your Organization

Escalation Policies ensure that the right people are notified at the right time. Incident notifications can be configured to escalate to Users, Squads or Schedules in a given order and time. You can create different Escalation Policies for different Services.

Creating an Escalation Policy

(1) Click on Escalation Policies from the navigation sidebar

(2) Click on Add Escalation Policy to create one from scratch

(3) Give the Escalation Policy a Name and a Description

(4) Add Users, Squads or Schedules as recipients at any level of the Escalation Rule

(5) Enter the appropriate time for Escalate After, giving enough notice for your recipients to acknowledge the alert after which it will escalate to the next level (if defined)

(6) There are two ways to add the medium of notification:

(a) Select one or more options from Via drop-down for every Escalation Rule

(b) Personal Notification Rules - Allow users to set-up their preferred medium of notification

(7) Use Add Rule to add a new escalation layer in a policy

(8) Repeat the entire policy if no one acknowledges the incident even after the Escalation Policy has been executed fully once

(9) Click on Save to view the Escalation policy

Edit or Delete an Escalation Policy

(1) To edit an existing Escalation Policy, click on More Options for that particular Escalation Policy

(2) Choose Edit to modify the existing Escalation Policy or Delete to delete the Escalation Policy entirely

(3) After modifying the Escalation Policy, click on Save