Send alerts to Squadcast via Email

Route alerts into Squadcast using Email endpoints of Services from platforms that support Email integrations.

In Squadcast: Using Email as an Alert Source

(1) From the navigation bar on the left, select Services. Pick the applicable Team from the Team-picker on the top. Next, click on Alert Sources for the applicable Service

(2) Search for Email from the Alert Source drop-down and copy the Email address

In the external platform which you are using: Configure the Email endpoint

Head over to the platform from where you want to route alerts into Squadcast. Navigate to the section where you can configure the Email endpoint/integration. Then, paste the copied Email address in the right placeholder and test this integration, if there is a provision to do so, and validate that the integration works.

That’s it, your Email integration is now good to go!

How-to: Configure the Email Prefix for a new Service

(1) On the Sidebar, click on Services

(2) Select Add service

(3) Add the details in the box as required along with configuring the Email Prefix

(4) Click on Save to create the new Service with an Email Prefix of your choice

How-to: Rename the Email Prefix for an existing Service

(1) On the Sidebar, click on Services

(2) For the Service for which you want to rename the Email prefix, click on the Edit option

(3) Select Edit in the drop-down

(4) Replace the existing prefix with the prefix of your choice in the placeholder for Email Prefix

(5) Click on Save

Now, whenever an Email is sent to the Email address of the Service, Squadcast will trigger an incident for it.