Send alerts to Squadcast from Domotz

Domotz is a network monitoring software to easily monitor remote networks and devices with powerful and affordable software, providing actionable insights & easy-to-use interface.

Route detailed alerts from Domotz to the right users in Squadcast.

Using Domotz as an Alert Source

(1) From the navigation bar on the left, select Services. Pick the applicable Team from the Team-picker on the top. Next, click on Alert Sources for the applicable Service

(2) Search for Domotz from the Alert Source drop-down and copy the Webhook URL

Create a Squadcast Webhook Shared Alert in Domotz

(1) Login to your Domotz dashboard. Head over to the Alerts Settings tab and click on Shared Alerts & Ticketing Systems

(2) Scroll to the bottom of the Contact Channels list, and click on Add webhook under Webhooks

(3) Here, fill in the Description. Paste the previously copied Squadcast Webhook URL in the placeholder for Webhook address. Then, click on Add

(4) Scroll to the top of the Alerts Settings page and click on Create a Shared Alert

(5) Enable the toggle and specify the name of the Shared Alert under Alert Name. Select the events for the Shared Alert under the Events Lists. Then, click on Select Contact Channels. Select the Squadcast webhook and click on Add.

Finally, click on Create.

(6) Navigate to Device/Network Details and click on Alerts. Then, click on Add Shared Alerts and select your newly created Shared Alert under Available Shared Alerts.

That’s it, you are good to go! Your Domotz integration is now complete. Whenever Domotz fires an alert, an incident will be created in Squadcast for it. Also, when an alert is resolved in Domotz, the corresponding incident gets auto-resolved in Squadcast.

The integration will also create incidents for heartbeat monitoring alerts.

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