Send events to Squadcast from Datadog

See how you can configure a service on Squadcast to get alerts from Datadog.



  1. Only the users with Account Owner or Admin privileges can configure Services on Squadcast.
  2. At least one Escalation Policy must be configured before you can add a service.

Using Datadog as an Alert Source

On the Sidebar, click on Services.

You can either choose to use existing service or create a new service

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button.

Select Datadog from Alert Source drop down and copy the Webhook URL shown.

Now follow these steps on Datadog:

  1. Open Integrations page from the sidebar
  2. Use the search bar to search for Webhooks
  3. Once the Webhooks tile appears, hover and click on "Install"
  4. Navigate to the Configuration tab and scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Under the section Name and URL, enter a meaningful name and paste the Datadog Webhook URL provided by Squadcast
  1. Tick the checkbox under the section Use custom payload
  2. Copy-paste the following JSON in the text box under the Custom Payload section

"alertId": "$ALERT_ID",
"eventMessage": "$TEXT_ONLY_MSG",
"title": "$EVENT_TITLE",
"url": "$LINK",
"alertTransition": "$ALERT_TRANSITION"

  1. Click on “Install Integration” to complete the service integration

That's it :) You are now good to go with your Datadog integration!

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Send events to Squadcast from Datadog

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