Get alerts from Coralogix into Squadcast


  1. A valid Squadcast cloud subscription
  2. A user account in Coralogix

Follow the steps below to configure a service so as to push related alert data from Coralogix into Squadcast.

Squadcast will then process this information to create incidents for this service as per your preferences.

Using Coralogix as an Alert Source

On the Sidebar, click on Services.

You can either choose to use existing service or create a new service

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button.

Select Coralogix from Alert Source drop down and copy the Webhook URL shown.

Create a Squadcast Webhook in Coralogix

  1. Login to Coralogix and click on the Settings button as shown below.
  1. Click on the Integrations tab.
  1. Click on the + button to add a new integration.
  1. Select WebHook from the dropdown. Paste the Webhook URL copied from Squadcast dashboard in the URL field. Select the Method as Post. Click on Save.
  1. Now, go to the Alerts tab.
  1. Click on New Alert.
  1. Fill up the alerting specs as per your requirement. In the Conditions section, enable the Notify When Resolved.
  1. In the Recipients section, under Webhook Recipients, select the Squadcast Webhook URL you just created. Finally save the alert.

Now, whenever Coralogix sends an alert with alert_action trigger on the Squadcast webhook, an Incident gets created in Squadcast.
Similarly, when Coralogix sends an alert with alert_action resolve on the Squadcast webhook, the corresponding triggered incident in Squadcast gets resolved.

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Get alerts from Coralogix into Squadcast

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