Cisco DNAC

Get Cisco DNAC alerts into Squadcast

Cisco DNA Center is at the heart of Cisco’s intent-based network. Cisco DNA Center supports the expression of business intent for network use cases, such as base automation capabilities in the enterprise network. The Analytics and Assurance features of Cisco DNA Center provide end-to-end visibility into the network with full context through data and insights.

You can integrate Cisco DNAC with Squadcast and get those alerts into Squadcast and get notified based on your notification policies.

Using Cisco DNAC as an Alert Source

On the Sidebar, click on Services.

You can either choose to use existing service or create a new service

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button.

Select Cisco DNAC from Alert Source drop down and copy the Webhook URL shown.

Create a Squadcast Webhook URL REST Endpoint in Cisco DNAC

Login to your Cisco DNAC dashboard and go to the Platform tab and click on Bundles.

Browse the bundles and click on the Configure button next to Network Events for REST API Endpoint or SWIM Events for REST API Endpoint depending on which event that you would like to be sent to Squadcast or you can do both if required.

Then click on Rest Endpoint for Publishing Event and select Create a new instance.

Enter the Instance Name as Squadcast and paste the Cisco DNAC Webhook URL you got from the previous section inside REST Endpoint and use admin for both Username and Password and click the Save button.

That's it! The Cisco DNAC Integration is ready and you can Setup the Event sending frequency and subscribe to the relevant network events. For more information, please refer:!getting-started-with-webhooks-on-the-cisco-dna-center-platform/event-schema-and-sample-response

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Cisco DNAC

Get Cisco DNAC alerts into Squadcast

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