Azure Active Directory SSO

Enable Azure Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO) for your Squadcast organisation

Squadcast supports SAML 2.0 based Single Sign On (SSO) login for Azure Active Directory users and you can set it for your organisation by following this integration guide.


  1. Account Owner / Administrator account in Squadcast

  2. A valid Squadcast subscription (Enterprise)

Setup Instructions

1.Go to the Integrations tab from your Squadcast account sidebar and click on Integrate under SSO card.

2.In the opened modal, select the Custom SAML 2.0 tab and click Show configuration guide for Custom SAML 2.0.

3.As given in the displayed guide, copy the ACS URL .Then go to your Azure Active Directory dashboard and click on Enterprise applications .

4.Click New Application .

5.Select Non Gallery Application , give a name for the application and click Add .

6.In the left pane under Manage select Users and groups.

7.Click Add User. Add the users you want along with the appropriate role.

8.Click Single sign-on and select SAML.

9.Edit the Basic SAML configuration section and in **Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) ** paste the ACS URl you copied from Squadcast.

10.Edit the User and Attributes Claims Section. Remove the namespace and use first_name for source attribute user.givenname , email for and last_name for user.lastname

11.Click Edit icon on the Saml Signing Certificate section and download the PEM certificate.

12.Under Setup up section copy the Login Url.

13.Paste both Login Url in Saml 2.0 EndPoint and the contents of the pem. file in the X.509. certificate section.Then click Save.

14.That’s it. For testing SSO go back to the azure portal sso page and click Test Sign In. Then Click sign in as current user