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AWS CloudTrail via CloudWatch

Get CloudTrail alerts into Squadcast using CloudWatch and SNS endpoints

Please use this integration guide to configure CloudTrail alerts so they can be received in Squadcast. This integration should be used only for getting CloudTrail alerts via CloudWatch and a SNS endpoint.

For CloudTrail log alerts, use the AWS CloudTrail Logs integration.

For regular AWS CloudWatch alarms (like EC2 alerts), use the AWS CloudWatch Integration.

Create an CloudTrail alert (via CloudWatch) service in Squadcast

On the Sidebar, click on Services.

You can either navigate to an existing service or make a new one by clicking on “Add Service”.

Check the service details like name, description, and the associated escalation policy for this service and make sure it is correctly entered.

From the integration types drop down select the integration type as “AWS CloudTrail via CloudWatch”. You will be shown your AWS CloudTrail Alarm Endpoint and click Save.

Create CloudTrail Alarm Endpoint in AWS SNS

Now log in to your AWS account and proceed to SNS.

Click on "Create topic" to get "Create new topic" dialog box. Fill in the details as per your requirements and then click on "Create topic"

Now inside the topic, click on "Create subscription" to get "Create subscription" dialog box. Select the protocol as "HTTPS" and in the endpoint enter the URL you obtained from previous step. Finally, click on "Create subscription" to create the subscription.

The "Subscription ID" for the subscription should immediately change to "Confirmed" from "PendingConfirmation". Click on the refresh button to verify the same.

Then you can configure your CloudTrail alerts and assign this topic as the notification option and you are good to go.

AWS CloudTrail via CloudWatch

Get CloudTrail alerts into Squadcast using CloudWatch and SNS endpoints

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