Get alerts from AppSignal into Squadcast

Follow the steps below to configure AppSignal to send in alerts into Squadcast.

Squadcast will then process this information to create incidents for this service according to your preferences.

Using AppSignal as an Alert Source

Click on the Services tab on the sidebar.

You can either choose to use an existing service or create a new service.

Now, click on the corresponding Alert Sources button for the service.

Select AppSignal from Alert Sources drop-down and copy the Webhook URL.

Create a Squadcast Webhook in AppSignal Dashboard

(1) Log in to your AppSignal web console and select the App you would create incidents for.

(2) From your App’s Dashboard navigate to the Notifications settings under App Settings.

(3) Click on the Add Integration button and select the Webhook option from the bottom of the dropdown.

(4) Give the integration a name, select the types of event you would like to create incidents for, and paste the copied Webhook URL in the input field.

(5) Click on the submit button to save your integration.

Now whenever a notification is triggered in AppSignal, an incident will automatically be created in Squadcast.