Analytics & Reporting

Analytics for measuring your Team's performance


The Analytics Dashboard helps you analyze your Teams’s performance, for a given time period, by providing you the hard numbers in the form of easy to understand graphs and charts.

Visualizing the Graphs

Note: Select the appropriate Team from the team picker on the top of your screen.

1. On the Sidebar, click on Analytics

2. By default, the selected time range is the last three months

You can select a custom time range using the utility on the top-right corner of the page, to select and apply a time range for the Analytics data computation.

Available Graphs

Incident Count

Displays the Incident Count for a selected time range as a line graph. You can add additional graph inputs(lines) by tweaking the Status, Service or Alert Source filters associated with the graph.

Incident Count Heat Map

Displays the Incident Count and the associated information on interaction with each block in the heat map.

Upon clicking on any block present in the heat map, data on the following graphs would change automatically.

  1. Incident Count By Status

    Displays Incident Count based on different statuses like Triggered, Acknowledged, Suppressed and Resolved.

  2. Incident Count By Service

    Displays Incident Count based on different configured Services in a Team.

  3. Incident Count By Alert Sources

    Displays Incident Count based on different configured Alert Sources in a Team.

Incident Count By Service

  1. Suppressed Events By Service

    Displays the number of Suppressed Events per Service.

  2. Deduplicated Events By Service

    Displays the number of Deduplicated Events per Service.

  3. Open Incidents By Service (Triggered & Acknowledged)

    Displays the number of Open Incidents per Service.

  4. Closed Incidents By Service (Resolved & Suppressed)

    Displays the number of Closed Incidents per Service.