Incident War Room

Colloborate seamlessly with your colleagues from virtual warrooms

Setting up your War Room

War Rooms allow all responders to chat with each other seamlessly during an incident.


Note that you will first need to call in a Slack channel for this feature to function.

  1. Open the incident for which you want to sync the warroom with Slack and click on the 3 dots on top of Warroom and click on the Select Slack channel button.
  1. Select the slack channel for syncing and click Save button.
  1. Go to the selected Slack channel and add the Squadcast bot by calling @Squadcast and invite the bot to the channel.

That's it! Your Slack integration for bi-directional sync is good to go. All your chats will be synced in both Slack and Warroom.

Using your War Room during downtime

You can chat in real-time with your peers regarding the incident.

  • Every person called into the Incident War Room will also receive mobile push notifications if he is not online.

  • You can also add or address Users, Escalation Policies, Squads, or Schedules to the War Room using "@" symbol.

Squadcast automatically recognizes and adds the corresponding users from the addressed Escalation Policies, Squads or Schedules into the War Room.

Pinning Messages to Timeline:

Messages in War Room are ephemeral and any messages which needs to be a permanent record has to be added to the War Room.

Chat Retention:

Squadcast, at any point, shows only the 50 latest chat messages shared in the Incident War Room. Each line in the Chat corresponds to one chat message.

Removing users from the War Room

You can remove users once their inputs are provided to ensure that they are not continuously bombarded with the incident notifications.

In cases where you need to call in an SME or another user just for a little while and will want to remove them later, you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Move over to the More icon on the top-right corner of the War Room. Click on Remove People.
  1. You can see the list of people who are active in the War Room at that instant and choose to remove users by clicking on the Delete button against the users' names.
  1. Click on Save to remove the users from the Incident War Room.

How-to-Video: Bidirectional Slack Sync with War Room

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Incident War Room

Colloborate seamlessly with your colleagues from virtual warrooms

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