War rooms are a Squadcast feature that will allow all the stakeholders of an incident to chat with each other seamlessly during an incident.

"War Room" is available for each incident of the organization.  This enables real-time collaboration between all stakeholders of the incident without the friction of creating separate channels for every incident in your collaboration tool.

A typical War Room looks like:

You can chat in real-time with your peers regarding the incident. Every person involved in the chat will also receive mobile push notifications if he is not online. Squadcast automatically calculates all relevant users taking into account all the people in the possible incident resolution path.

You can also add or address users, escalation policies, squads, or schedules to the War Room using "@" symbol.

Squadcast automatically calculates the corresponding users from escalation policies, squads or schedules and add them to the War Room.

If you don't want any person in the War Room you can remove him/her from the users list on top-right.

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