If you haven't registered your account yet, follow the steps outlined here and then come back!

To open your profile page, click your avatar in the upper right corner and click "My Profile". 

1. On your profile page, you can see and edit your personal details like Name and Mobile number. Click Save after making all edits.

2. Notification rules define how and when you are notified when an incident is assigned to you. You can alter these rules by clicking on the edit icon in the Notification rules section. You can also add new rules by clicking Add More Rule at the bottom.

Enter the amount of time after the incident trigger when you wish to get notified by a particular method and choose that method from the drop down at the end of the rule. Click Save after making changes.

4. You can also view the Escalation policies and squads which you are part of at the bottom of the page.

Now, you can move on to adding your team in the Users section

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