Escalation policies make sure the right people are notified at the right time. It is used to notify the recipients in a given order and timeline. After an escalation to a recipient is added, the system will notify the user when the specified time is over and the state of the alert meets the specified condition. Right now, we are supporting only one condition - that is no one has acknowledged the alert.

You can create a Escalation Policy under Escalation Policies (Sidebar) → Add Escalation Policy. 

Give the Escalation Policy a Name and a Description. Click on Add Rule tab.

You can add Users, Squads or Schedules as recipients at any level. Enter the appropriate time, giving enough notice for your recipients to acknowledge the alert after which it will escalate to the next level. By clicking Add Rule tab you can add any number of level of recipients to your escalation policy. There is an option to repeat the policy a given number of times if no one acknowledges.

Click on Save button.

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