Past Incidents

View similar incidents from the past to gain insights and shorten incident resolution time.

The Past Incidents feature helps incident responders by showing similar past incidents on the same service. It uses a system algorithm to match and display a historical list of similar incidents from the same service you are currently investigating.

This helps them resolve issues faster by providing historical context, previous incident activity and involvement, timing patterns, and past solutions.

Note: This feature will be available for accounts in the Enterprise plan.

View Past Incidents

To view the Past Incidents for a parent incident,

  1. Navigate to the Incidents List page -> Click on an incident from the Incident List.

  2. In the Incident Details page, under the Details section -> Past Incidents.

  3. By default, you can review the top 5 relevant incidents that have been resolved in the past.

To view Past Incidents from a specific date, click on the relevant date square from the heat-map.

Past Incident Details

Here are the details shown for the relevant incidents

Additonally, it also displays the following incident stats:

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