Squadcast Runbooks - Setup

Setup and define your Squadcast Runbooks

You can start to setup and define Squadcast Runbooks once you have completed the Squadcast Runbooks Integration with your Squadcast agent.

Creating a Squadcast Runbook

To create a new Squadcast Runbook, Go to Sidebar -> Runbook and then click on Add New Runbook button.

Then enter the Runbook name and Runbook description and click Create New button.

Then enter the name of the first code snippet and add snippet description and enter the executable code in the right side terminal after choosing the script type (eg: shell script).

Snippet Description field supports markdown formatting and the snipped code supports the following scripts: Shell script, Lua, Python 3 scripts, Node scripts and Ansible configuration.

You can add as many as snippets you want by clicking on the Add New Snippet button and finally click Save Runbook button.

Execute Squadcast Runbooks as Squadcast Actions

Go to the Incident for which you want to execute the Squadcast Runbook.

Click on the More Actions button and click on Squadcast Runbooks and select the Run action.

Then Select an Agent of the system on which you want to execute the Runbook, then select the Runbook which you want to execute and choose the snippets which you want to execute in order and click the Run button.

The Runbook will start running on your system and you can go to the Runbook execution page by following the link in the dialog box or by clicking the link on the Incident timeline.

Here you can watch the Squadcast Runbooks being executed and the logs being streamed live.

You can also watch the logs of old runs for that particular runbook.

All these Squadcast Runbooks executions are captured in the Incident Timeline as part of Actions and can be referenced anytime.

Start creating Squadcast Runbooks for all your routine tasks and make your life easier.