Mobile App - War Room

Fight Incidents in the War Room.

The War Room feature lets you interact / chat with relevant people from your team about an incident in real time, and collaborate to resolve it faster.

Every incident has a War Room. You can access an incident's War Room in your Mobile app by going to the Incident details page and clicking on the War Room tab or by swiping right, twice.

You can also add or address users, escalation policies, squads, or schedules to the War Room using the "@" symbol, just like you would in Twitter or Slack.

You can also remove any user from the war room by clicking on the users icon from the bottom left corner and clicking on the "x" mark to remove the specific user.

All discussions will be stored in the War Room just in case you need to refer to them in future. How cool is that!

You can also switch to the Incident Details page by swiping left, twice or by clicking on the Details tab.