Squadcast Runbooks

Integrate Squadcast agent to execute Squadcast Runbooks

In order to execute Squadcast Runbooks as part of Squadcast actions, you need to perform the Squadcast Runbooks integration as described below.

Get your Squadcast Runbooks API key

Follow the below steps to get your Squadcast Runbooks API key.

Go to Sidebar > Integrations and click on the Integrate button under Squadcast Runbooks.

Copy the Integration API key from the display box by clicking the copy button.

Download and configure Squadcast Agent with the API key

  1. Set it up as a service in the following format by supplying your API key in the system where you want to execute your Squadcast Runbooks.

squadcast-agent -key YOUR-API-KEY-HERE

You can configure as many agents in as many systems as you want using the same API key. Each agent will be identified using their unique hostname.

Now your Squadcast Runbooks Integration is good to go. You can setup Squadcast Runbooks and execute them as part of Squadcast Actions.