You can access the users page by clicking on the Users tab from the sidebar and view all the users of your organisation.

Click on Add button and type in the First Name, Last Name and Email id of the user whom you wish to add to your organisation. Choose the role from the drop down that is most appropriate for each new user. You can read more about User roles here.

Any users you add will automatically get a welcome verification e-mail and then login to their accounts.

Alert Forwarding

This is a setting that allows you to excuse users from getting alerts from Squadcast and instead forward it to someone else. You can set the Alert forwarding status for any particular user and select a replacement user (Forward to) who will be contacted for any incidents in that time. This ensures that critical alerts are not missed or delayed due to the engineer being super busy or away on holiday.

Just click Save after making all the changes.

Once you've added all your users, you can go ahead & create some schedules or escalation rules.

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